#Vendicari #Sicily #summer #beach (presso Vendicari)

#Riposto #Sicily #bynight #seabynight (presso Porto di Riposto)

Leon :)

Baby watermelon <3

First day of beach yesssssss!

My father-in-law’s morning gift :)

I’m in the airport with my boyfriend, waiting for our flight towards his hometown in Sicily!

We’ll stay there for 2 weeks.

2 weeks without my laptop and my Playstation… Will I survive? D:

At least I’ll have my smartphone with me! ç__ç

Just a side note… I’ll use the Tumblr app, but given that it doesn’t work very well, I apologize if I’ll miss messages and other stuff. If it’ll happen, don’t hate me please! I’ll fix everything when I’ll be back home, promise!