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SAY MY NAME AGAIN - [Shenko Fanfic] - Chapter 2

Chapter 2
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08/15/2186 –

Normandy SR-2, Captain’s cabin

The huge loft is completely silent, except for the faint gurgle of the water inside the fish tanks.

Commander Sharilin Shepard is sitting on her large bed, staring at her closet with an incomprehensible look on her face. Part of her N7 suit hangs open, showing her black bra as if she’s going to take it off, while her long curvy red hair falls disarranged over her shoulders.

Minutes pass and she doesn’t move a single muscle save for the regular rise and fall of her chest that indicates she’s a living and breathing creature, not a statue. She’s lost in her thoughts, her furrowed brows suggesting that there’s something concerning her.

“Shepard, Councilor Udina sent you a message on your private terminal.” The voice of the AI of the ship startles the woman, finally stirring her from her trance-like state.

“What? ANOTHER?” she exclaims shocked.

“At the moment this is his seventeenth message of the day.”

“Damn it.”

She knows exactly what he wrote in his umpteenth email, as he did in all the previous ones, today, yesterday and the day before yesterday…

– Don’t forget you must attend the ceremony. –

“It seems like the Councilor doubts you’ll be there, Shepard,” EDI states.

“Yeah… He never trusted me in ANYTHING. But this time… He’s so nervous since he’s the one who organized the event.” And he’s also pissed because she has to be there too.

Anyway, she’d be damned if she could forget about this ceremony.

Today, her former subordinate aboard the old Normandy, Major Kaidan Alenko, is going to become the Second Human Spectre, just like she did almost 3 years ago. Udina ordered it to be a big celebration to boost people’s morale during the war, but this is bullshit – he just wants to make a fuss about his new protégé.

Fuck him, she thinks.

Alenko is one of the bravest and most loyal soldier she has ever met, and she’s so glad that he is finally being acknowledged by everyone, though she hates the fact that the Councilor wants to take advantage of his flawless service history for his own purposes.

“When will we arrive at the Citadel, EDI?”

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I am a fucking adult lady.

But I still giggle and blush like a 12 year old, when a rpg romance character says I’m special.

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Lauren Amell

"Hawke rolled into the fray like a gigantic pudding, covered in gravy."

—Varric Tethras, DA2

the best line in the history of ever

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Get to know me meme: favorite male characters [2/5]: fenris (dragon age)

"They know what I am. Let them come, if they find the courage."
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