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Dragon Age: Inquisition - Final Countdown Inquisitor Meme

28 Days

Describe your Inquisitor’s Physical Characteristics? Any traits of theirs they like? Any they dislike? (If you have any drawings of them show them off! Or show them off again!)

Anyone who ever met Calemiril Lavellan when she was still alive, would be eliable to recognize her daughter, for she is the living image of the praised huntress.

Gwen shares with her mother the gentle features of her beautiful face, the big shining emerald eyes, the full red lips and the mass of freckles that adorns her small nose and her soft cheeks. There are just a few things that distinguish the young mage from the expert archer: her incredibly long black and curly hair, her thin and lithe body and her pale incarnate. Those are all legacy of her father Thavron, a skillful artisan and definitely not a fighter, while Calemiril was blonde, strong and athletic.

Gwen always was proud of looking like her beloved mother, but she never accepted the fact of being smaller. In fact she is quite short even for an elf, and this thing upsets her a lot.

* * *

Face model: Jennifer Connelly


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Dragon Age: Inquisition - Final Countdown Inquisitor Meme

29 Days

What race and class is your Inquisitor? What is your and their reason for that class? How do they feel about it?

Gwen is an elven mage.

Magic is usually considered a dangerous gift in Thedas, but for the Dalish elves it could be a blessing.

In the story of the Lavellan family magic always played an important role, though it has been decades since the last mage were born. So, Gwen’s birth was taken as a sign: fate decided that that child was going to do something extraordinary.

Growing up with such weigh over her shoulders, wasn’t easy for the young elf, but she was proud of it, and she always did her best to not let down the expectations of her clan.

As the apprentice of the Keeper, she learnt the ways of the nature and elemental spells, proving to be one of the most powerful enchantress the Dalish ever had. She’s aware of how treacherous and appealing all the temptations in the Fade can be, but her iron will and determination never let her down.

Little did she knew about the other mages’ situation outside of the Dalish. When the Keeper sent her to the Chantry’s conclave as a spy, it was a shock for her to discover about what happened between Circles and Templars, and how easily some mages could fall victims of the demons of the Fade, performing the forbidden blood magic she always loathed.

In that moment she understood which was her task, and she accepted her fate, becoming the Hand of Andraste.

* * *

After playing two humans in the first two games, I finally go back to my first love: elves. Then I choose to play a mage once again after my Darcy Hawke (despite being a rogue hardcore fangirl), because it fits perfectly to the idea of Gwen I have in my mind.

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Dragon Age: Inquisition - Final Countdown Inquisitor Meme

30 Days

What is your Inquisitor’s Name and why did you name them that?

Gwen Lavellan.

Gwen is a Welsh feminine given name meaning “fair, pure, blessed, holy”. In the LOTR elven language, it also means “young lady, maiden”.

Gwen, the blessed maiden" - a perfect name for the Herald of Andraste.