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Commander Sharilin Shepard

[I’ve modified her model because of the changes I made in the game, and I messed around with textures… The result is impressive! O_O So I recreated an
old render I made months ago, and the comparison… WELL, LOOK AT IT!!! May I risk to say I’m improving my skills? *BLUSHES*]  

Best friends having drinks!

The drinks are over…

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Best friends having drinks!

Tali gets drunk!

[x] [1]

Best friends having drinks!



Commission for milodrums!

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For those who didn’t fancy reading the fic, here is the amazing render Sharilin did for Chapter One of Time Slipped By Us.

“Kaidan paused, his fingers lingering limply over the controls staring at the image before him. The man in the image was nothing like the man he saw in the mirror every morning. He was six years older now but that wasn’t what made him unrecognisable. The man in the image was smirking like an idiot, winking at the camera like a cat that got the cream, his eyes alive with joy. He had one arm outstretched taking the picture, the other wrapped around the woman he loved. Her slender yet muscular arms were wrapped around his bare torso. She was pressing her full lips to cheek, her eyes squeezed shut. He had taken it the morning after their date at Apollo, the day that they couldn’t stop smiling, even with the galaxy crashing down around them.

He instinctively brought the N7 hoodie he held in his hand up to his face and inhaled deeply. Her smell had long since faded, but the familiar brush of the soft fabric against his skin was comforting.

Was she out here, somewhere, looking for him? Was she even alive?”

You should totally Commission her!!


Kaidan: “I love you”

Shepard: “I love you too”

I need more Shenko fluffy!

Can’t stop melting because of my perfect OPT.
Will this bittersweet feeling ever end?
No, I think it will not.
And I am ok with that. 

Sons of Anarchy - Normandy branch

I’m not becoming addicted to that tv show, nononononono I swear! >_<

However… The idea of Kaidan and James bikers is too UNF to not use it!

I regret nothing! 


Shepard: “Mine!”

Kaidan: “But Shepard, we’re in the middle of the me…”

Shepard: “MINE!!!”


Kaidan “Alenko’s super-tickle attack!”

Shepard “Nooooooooooooo please! I surrender!”