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Becoming a Spectre

Taken from chapter 3 of my fic “Say my name again”.

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I was completely lost without you…

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No Regrets

Before Kaidan can realize what is happening, Shepard finally cuts the distance between them, joining her mouth to his. She starts to kiss him slowly and he complies, barely believing that this isn’t just one of his umpteenth reveries. Her lips are amazingly soft and pliable under his, and he breathes her in, inhaling her sweet lavender scent and leaning into her attentive touch.

Soon his hunger for her takes control of him, after all those months of longing now his desire to feel more of her is driving him insane. His arms surround her waist, pulling her flush against him, and at the same time she sinks her fingers into his dark curls moaning delighted.

No, this definitely isn’t one of his fantasies, because not one of them got him even close to the bliss he’s experiencing.

Taken from “Day 26" of my "28 days of Commander Sharilin Shepard" drabbles. ❤️

Nepmos - 2183

“COMMANDER!” In the blink of an eye the Lieutenant throws himself on her, dragging her down with him behind a cover, just in time to avoid being smashed by a huge stone falling from the ceiling.

“Are you ok, Shepard?”

“Y-Yes…” She stammers, shocked.

How could she be so careless? She’s always so fucking alert, nothing slips away from her attentive senses. So how is that possible she got distracted while venting against stupid…

Her train of thought is interrupted by the awareness Alenko’s strong body being all wrapped around hers, and she has to bite back a moan as she feels his warm breath over her hair.


They stay still for a few seconds that seem like an eternity, until the woman finally finds the strength to turn enough to allow her to stare at him. 


His right hand cups her face, his thumb touching lightly her cheek, and his full lips curl up into a shy smile. Even at the low lights of their flashlights he looks so damn handsome, with his messy dark curls and his sweaty olive skin, that she can barely control her shivers of desire.

Taken from “Day 24" of my "28 days of Commander Sharilin Shepard" drabbles. 

In my life - Chapter 38 - Feros

"Normandy, come in. This is shore party requesting extraction."

It was Tali’s voice and Kaidan felt his blood drain from his veins. Joker exchanged a sober look with the sentinel before answering, “Shore party, this is the Normandy. Heading to the rendez-vouz point. ETA three minutes. Is the commander with you?”

"She is, but I’m afraid she’s unconscious. Ask the doctor to clear two beds in the medbay, please." […]

"Who’s the other bed for?" Joker asked while aligning the ship for docking.

"Vakarian. The Thorian was taking control of him, so Wrex headbutted him."

"I thought we’d save on sedatives," Wrex said, and Kaidan and Joker shook their heads as they heard the krogan’s deep laugh in the background. […]

When the airlock opened, Tali came in first and ran off to clean her suit from that stinky creeper goo. Wrex had Shepard thrown over his shoulder, his arm looped around her ass to keep her in place. With his other arm, he was dragging an unconscious Garrus behind him by the ankles.

The idea for these renders is taken from 
chapter 38 from the amazing Shenko AU fic “In my life” written by the lovely Letticiae.

I feel so much for the poor Garrus, but hey this scene was so EPIC, I couldn’t help myself.

Wrex! ❤️❤️❤️

I love you…

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February 14, 2188

It’s the first Valentine’s day Shepard and Kaidan spend together after the end of the Reapers war, and she’s still recovering from her injuries.

“I don’t… I don’t know if I’m able to dance…”

“Don’t worry, my love. I’m here for you.” And with that, Kaidan takes her in his arms, and begins to move following the sweet love song, lulling her into his embrace, “I’ll be always here for you.”

Awww my babies! It feels like ages since the last time I’ve made a render with them. I missed them so much! >___<
I wish you all a happy Valentine’s day! :D

Sharilin & Aerith Shepard chillin’ on the Mako

This is for my lovely bff Schizolyn!

Omg, it feels like ages since the last time I made a render!

I’m starting with this because she’s the best, and I owe her some presents I wasn’t able to make because of my broken laptop.

So here have my Sharilin being a cool bamf with her best friend Aerith, while on a trip together! :D

I hope you’re going to like it Mandy bb, and let me apologize once more to have been so late with my presents.

You know that I love you, don’t you?


♩ ♫Love is a drug… ♪ ♬

I am an hardcore Shenko girl, and always will be. But I have to admit that Garrus voice does something to me that… NNNNNNGH!

So I have this headcanon about Vakarian singing THIS SONG at Kaidan and Shepard’s wedding, with Tali doing backing vocals… However it could also work for a Shakarian fan, with Shepard herself singing with him!

[background reference]

Commander Sharilin Shepard - 2183

I finally recreated my bb Sharilin’s ME1 model. SHE HAS HER SCARS YAY!!!!!!!

I just chosed to use ME2 hair because it is way more better to work with.

I love her!